New Zealand Primary Principals’ and Teachers’ Study Award

Here are study opportunities for New Zealand Primary Principals and Teachers .  The Primary Principals’ and Teachers’ Study Awards were established in negotiation between the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) and the Ministry of  Education. The awards are based on criteria determined  by the Ministry of Education in consultation with NZEI  and New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA).

New Zealand primary principals and teachers study awards
New Zealand primary principals and teachers study awards

This study award is one of the professional learning provisions available to teachers and principals in New Zealand state or state-integrated schools, who are employed under the terms and conditions of the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement (PTCA) or  Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement (PPCA).  The award provides time for part-time or full-time  study in agreed educational priority areas.

What does the study award provide?

The study award provides paid leave at the teacher’s  or principal’s normal salary for the duration of the

study award. “Normal salary” includes all permanent  salary units and allowances.  Where fixed-term salary units and allowances are held,  the teacher should clarify with their principal whether  these will continue to be paid. Any salary increases or  increments during the period of leave still apply,  according to the provisions of the collective agreement.  The leave counts as service for most purposes.

The leave of absence is for full-time or part-time study.  The study award does not include any additional  expenses associated with the study leave (e.g. course  fees or removal and travelling expenses).

The number of weeks is granted at the discretion of the selection panel and is based on the study proposed in the application.  

How is the study award paid?

You will continue to be paid through your school. Your school receives relief funding, in accordance with the relevant collective agreement, while you  are on study leave.

How many are available each year?

There are 75 full-time teacher equivalent (FTTE)  Primary Principals’ and Teachers’ Study Awards available each year.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for a study award, you must:

  •  hold a full and current practising certificate
  •  be a full-time or part-time teacher or principal employed in a state or state-integrated New Zealand primary school
  • have the support of your principal and board of trustees/employer
  •  be employed under the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement, Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement or applicable Individual Employment Agreement (IEA)
  •  have had at least three years’ experience as a  fully certificated teacher in New Zealand state or state-integrated schools.
  • have not received a TeachNZ award or sabbatical in the last five years

Purpose of the award

Professional learning (study) principals and teachers can apply to undertake:
• complete a qualification
• improve an existing qualification
• study a qualification in a new or different curriculum area
• undertake research
• undertake study that is relevant and adds value to education
• undertake study into effective school management and leadership.

How is my application assessed?

First, your application will be checked to ensure it  meets all of the eligibility criteria outlined on page 1 of  the application guide. A selection panel made up of  representatives from the Ministry of Education, NZEI  and NZSTA, will then assess your application.
Firstly, priority is given to applicants who:
• are completing a level 7 Bachelor of Education teaching qualfication OR
• are undertaking study or research that furthers furthers and contributes to the Ministry of
Education’s priorities in education; policy that aims to improve the learning outcomes for priority
student groups, including:
- Māori and Pacific students
- students from low socio-economic backgrounds
- students with Learning Support needs.
Then the following four factors are considered when  assessing applications:
• The completeness and clarity of your application.
• The benefits to you, your students, your school and
your community.
• Issues you face because of distance or
professional isolation.
• The commitment and effort you have already made in recent study.
The selection panel’s role is to ensure that the selection process is open, fair, consistent and impartial;
that it provides for equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, and that study leave weeks are
assigned equitably

Approval of leave

Teachers and principals who are granted a study award  will be given leave on pay for the period of study by  their principal and board of trustees/employer.  On the application form you are asked to provide  evidence that the principal and board of trustees/ employer supports your application.
Expectations if awarded a study award

If you are selected for a study award, you must:
  •  Notify TeachNZ if there are any changes to your contact details, employment status, or your study plan, or if you take up a new position.
  •  Undertake the study as stated in your application.
  • Be at school before and after taking up the study award if you are awarded less than a full year’s study award (e.g. 20 or 32 school weeks rather than 40).
  • Provide confirmation of enrolment and proof of  completion of study when required.
If you are offered a study award and then decline it, you  can re-apply with no prejudice in a subsequent year.  Please note that the study award cannot be deferred  to the following year

Application Procedure. 

To apply for this study Award, apply online on the official website link provided below. 

Due dates. 
The due dates for this study awards varies. Consult the TeachNZ Website for details. 

Disclaimer : This information is posted here for general information and for reference. The information may have changed or altered by the original publisher. Those changes may not be captured here on STUDY AWARDS website. Thus you are to visit the publishers website for up-to-date information. 

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