PNG Girls making dreams come true, thanks to Australian Awards Scholarships

 The saying goes " what Men can do, Women can do better:'' Young girls and women in Papua New Guinea are taking on careers once male dominated and yes, they can do better and progressing ahead. There is no turning back and girls are taking grounds to move forward in the fields they thought they would never venture in  or had slim chances to undertake.   Mostly motivated  by the  availably and funding from the  Australian Government Scholarships called the Australian Awards Scholarships  , the journey for girls in PNG  has changed and their future is bright.  

PNG young female cadets showing their navigating skills at the Maritime College in Madang
PNG young female cadets showing their navigating skills at the Maritime College in Madang witnessed by Australia High Commissioner Mr John Philip

The Australian Awards Scholarships are provided to girls in 

The Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea  Commissioner John Philip is praiseful on the progress of girls and women in PNG.  

"I grew up in Sydney and I would absolutely trust these young female cadets to navigate the busy

waters of Sydney Harbour having witnessed their  skill on the simulation deck at the  Maritime

College in Madang."   What else a PNG woman cannot do?

We have PNG girls piloting Aircraft, Ships and we are also seeing more and more women take on professions in the Oil and Gas industry becoming Geologist and Petroleum engineers etc.

This is a plus for PNG, we can be inspired and motivated that we are just as good as other men and women in other countries taking on male professions. More local/national female ships pilots and aircraft pilots, geologists, petroleum engineers means a responsible and sustainable Country". he said. 

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