PNG University Female Students Protest over Sexual Harassment and Intimidation by Male Students

 Female students attending the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) have protested over sexual harassment and intimidation by male students at the university's main Port Moresby campus.  Local media reports, the female are fed up with the intimidation and harassment they have been subjected to on campus, and are demanding better safety and security measures.

UPNG Female Students Protest
PNG University Female Students Protest over Sexual Harassment and Intimidation by Male Students 

According to the university's Student Representative Council vice-president Nancy Paglau who led the protest, said the harassment and ill-treatment of girls had been going on for some time and they were fed up. They want the university management to address it immediately. “Many years we have faced these problems and it has come to a point that it has blown out. Our voices must be heard this time,” she said. Paglau said the young women had left their homes to pursue further studies at UPNG and deserve respect. “Show some appreciation and look after them as sisters, daughters in the community,” Paglau said. Vice-Chancellor Prof Frank Griffin said the matter was being handled by the university council. The country's Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Wesley Raminai called on the university's administration to impose tough measures to address student discipline on campus, after being briefed by Griffin yesterday. “Any violence against women in our society must be condemned and tough actions taken against perpetrators,” he said. “The last place you expect such abhorrent behaviour to take place is at one of our premier high institutions of learning. “The briefing I received from the VC is extremely disappointing. “I have made it clear to (him) the government’s position towards violence against women: zero tolerance. “Those involved must be exposed and punished.”He said parents and the Government had invested a lot in these high institutions of learning “so our children can excel in their studies and go on to provide leadership for a better society”.“Those who want to be disruptive through drunken anti-social behaviour and be violent towards fellow students, especially females, should leave or be removed by law enforcement.”

A student was telling the local media that  female have been subjected to verbal and physical assaults. Harassment is an issue that most of us female students are concerned with, and we hope that after this incident, proactive measures can be taken to address other underlying security and safety issues here at the university,

“We would really hope to see an increase in security manpower, plus a police post to be set up here on campus so that criminal offences can be reported to police. “This is important for order and peace on campus.” Physical harassment included the grabbing of breasts and other parts of the female body, forced hugging, swearing and name-calling.

About University of Papua New Guinea 

The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) is one of the  premier universities in Papua New Guinea and the south Pacific. The university has the main campus in Port Moresby , the capital of the PNG. It has  branches all over the country and the Pacific and they are known as UPNG Open colleges. 

The university has a student population of about 7000. 

Law School at University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG)
Law School at University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG)

The university has  Schools & Colleges

  • School of Business & Public Policy
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • School of Natural & Physical Sciences
  • Open College
Course Programs offered are in 
  • Undergraduate (Bachelors)
  • Masters (Post Graduate)
  • PhD

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