Young Papua New Guinea Women benefit from Australian Maritime Scholarships

 Young Papua New Guinea (PNG)  girls and women have benefitted from Australian Awards Maritime Scholarships. The scholarship program trains young PNG girls and women to become seafarers, maritime engineers, ship captains and  crews. The Australian High Commission says they  recognize the young PNG women who are embarking on maritime careers by undertaking cadetships as Australia Awards Maritime Scholarship awardees.

Young Papua New Guinea Women benefit from Australian Maritime Scholarships . Photo credit Australian High Commission PNG. 

"Since 2018, 26 women have been awarded the maritime scholarship which is part of a partnership with Pacific Towing Marine Services, Steamships and China Navigation that is supporting gender equality and workforce development in the maritime sector. The awardees’ studies include one year of learning on campus and two years of learning at sea.

The PNGAusPartnership is proud to be supporting a diverse workforce alongside its consortium of partners.

About the Scholarship

The scholarships for women involve study at PNG Maritime College and seatime and other practical training supported by private sector partners Pacific Towing, Steamships, Consort Shipping and China Navigation.

The partnership supports workforce development and gender equality in the maritime sector.

Awardees obtain the professional qualifications and practical experience needed for a career in the field.

The awardees’ time at sea – which observes strict COVID-19 protocols – is a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience in complex areas such as engine maintenance and repair.

These scholarships are provided by the Australian Government annually to aspiring Young Papua New Guinea Girls and Women. 

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Photo credit : Australian High Commission 

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