Miss Diandra Paine from PNG Makes Childhood Dream of Becoming an Aeronautical Engineer comes true

 Hailing from a little known village called Begabari, situated along the North Coast road in Oro Province of Papua New Guinea, Miss Diandra Paine never gave up on her childhood dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer.

Her dream came true when she graduated with flying colours on the July 13, from an Aeronautical University in China.

Miss Diandra Paine from PNG Makes Childhood Dream of Becoming an Aeronautical Engineer comes true 

Back in 2016, Miss Paine was accepted to do her bachelor degree studies majoring in electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Lae.

However, with the on-going student strike at that time, her parents had no choice but were forced to look elsewhere for their only daughter’s education. 

“It was during this time that they came to know this gentleman named Jeffers Heptol of Education Pacific Agency, who secures placements for students who wish to study abroad,” said Miss Paine. “Mr Heptol arranged everything so fast that within few weeks I was already in China enrolling in aeronautical engineering,” Miss Paine continued. 

As soon as Miss Paine entered China, she had promised herself to make use of every opportunity available to learn as much as she could.

“I set my goals at the beginning and focused my mind on the graduation day to make it colorful,” a satisfied Diandra said.

True to her commitment, Paine graduated with her degree in Aeronautical Engineering with flying colors when she was awarded a prestigious award called ‘academic excellence award’ by the university. She topped her class of 70 students from different countries of the world.

Diandra’s thesis research was on additive friction stir welding process of aluminum alloy based on the convex-vortex pin tool.

“I haven’t heard of much development in the aviation industry in PNG in relation to my field of study which is basically manufacturing and designing Aeroplanes,” said Miss Paine.

“I would definitely love to work in a company where I could use my knowledge gained to make air travel much more efficient and less costly.

PNG needs more trained professionals in this field,” Miss Paine elaborated. When asked what was her secret to graduate with such prestigious award, Miss Paine without hestitation said it’s just determination with committment. “With such determination, I worked very hard and wasn’t willing to allow peer groups to influence me. 

“I lost many friends along the way in order to gain knowledge. I didn’t have much fun as University students usually have because I chose to put my studies before anything else.”

The director for Education Pacific Agency, Mr Heptol said Diandra was the first female student from the Pacific Region to graduate with a degree in aeronatucal engineering in China.

“It was her total committment to her studies that she had done exceptionally well.

We are so proud of her achievement, and such achievement signifies that PNG and Pacific students can be competitve in a multi cultural study environment such as China and elsewhere,” concluded Mr Heptol .

Source : Post Courier/Solomon Aplas Motivation/#StudyAwards 

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