Solomon Islands Students Question 2021 Scholarships Awards

Hundreds of Tertiary students, mostly self sponsored students  have missed out on the country's government scholarship program.  The recent scholarship results announced by Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) have brought concern to the year 2 nursing students studying at the Solomon Islands National University. This comes after most of the second year  students that applied for Solomon Islands Government  scholarships turned out unsuccessful even though they have good grades to meet the selection criteria. 

Picture: SINU nursing students

A concerned second year nursing student speaking on behalf of the concern students said the selection was suspicious, unfair and is very discouraging:

"Most of us are self- sponsored since year one, and most of us have paid $18,000, plus this year’s $9000 for semester one 2021. 

"But most of us are still struggling to pay up our outstanding fees and make it worse we haven’t received practical allowances from SINU since last year", the student told YTTF.

The student went on to question criterias used by MEHRD.

"The student year two nursing student body is keen to ask questions on the selection criteria on priority bases and academic eligibilities with regards to the current needs of the country", the student added. 

The students feel they have been cheated of scholarships since they and their parents have worked hard to keep them going in this life-saving training.

"It is very sad for the students and their parents who struggle with fee payments for 1 and a half year of the 3 years program, and since most have missed the burden will continue. 

"Any man or woman who is in our same shoes will understand the tune of our voices because the government through its scholarship program is our only hope to meet our biggest need to complete our studies", the student said.

Meanwhile the recently released scholarship awards for 2021 has come under heavy criticisms. 

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