Botswanian Young Girl Fights off Bone Cancer : Wins UK Chevening Scholarships

 Meet Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse  of Botswana of Africa. It is inspiration indeed. 

 Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse  is a Nursing Officer  in Botswana in Africa. She is a Cancer Activist, a disability activist and has won several awards including Mandela Washington Fellow 2016 , Queens Young Leader 2017, and  Botswana's Best Youth Promoting Health & Wellbeing in 2017

Now she declares on social media (linkedin) that she has won UK government Scholarship called the Chevening scholarships award. 

"Its with great pleasure to announce that I have been selected as a chevener 2021/22 to study MSc Clinical Oncology at University of Birmingham , UK from September 2021

She says life has been difficult for her. "Its been an emotional and life changing journey, starting with the 2013 Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) diagnosis that culminated in the above knee amputation of my left leg to stop the cancer spread, which was followed by months of chemotherapy and its side effects.

But as the saying goes, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"...I not only consider my self a cancer survivor but an activist fighting for other patients through my work as a nurse.

Months after starting the chevening application I was awarded this prestigious scholarship on my first attempt. Thanks to the Chevening Awards for the opportunity.

 Chaikhwa Nani will  study in UK at the University of Birmingham , UK from September 2021

Apply for Chevening Scholarships 

Story by Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse 

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