Jobs at University of Malaya in Malaysia

 The Universiti Malaya (University of Malaya) in Malaysia has several jobs. Local and international persons can apply for these jobs. Below is the  job announcement statement from the university. 

''Chart the next frontier of excellence and breakthroughs with us in UM, the leading global university impacting the world.

UNIVERSITI MALAYA is a Malaysian Public Institution of Higher Education with world-renowned standing and reputation as a world-class university. UM was established with a vision to be a global University impacting the world and humanity and a mission to push the boundaries of knowledge and nurturing aspiring leaders.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that first step with us in creating new milestones in the whole spectrum of academic and research areas and establish a new dawn of accomplishments with impactful and future-driven progress for mankind.

Get the full overview of the job areas that are available for you and explore the openings and avenues here in UM in our next journey towards excellence and preeminence in the higher education arena and in the future of the global society.


Open for Malaysian/ International candidates for a permanent/ contract post


Malaysian candidates:

PhD in relevant field OR;

Clinical Master/Professional qualification (Faculty of Medicine or Dentistry).

International candidates:

PhD in relevant field OR;

Clinical Master/Professional qualification (Faculty of Medicine or Dentistry);

Publications in international peer-reviewed journals/ISI-indexed journals; and Experience:

Position Vacancies 

  • University Lecturer  - Science based/ Social Science based: Total Years of Experience Required : 8 years 
  • Medical/ Dental Lecturer     -  : 6-7 years
  •   Pharmacy Lecturer   : 6-7 years

** Candidates with more experience may be considered for senior positions (Associate Professor/ Professor).


Interested candidates are invited to submit an application using the form downloadable as below. A complete application, together with all supporting documents, shall be sent via email (softcopy) and airmail (hardcopy) to:

Download Job Application 

Human Talent Management Division

Registrar Department

Level 6, Chancellery Building

Universiti Malaya

50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel.         : +603-7967 3523/ 3262/ 3261/ 7062

Email     :

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