Solomon Islands National University Defends its Action of Mass termination of Staff

 THE Solomon Islands National University (SINU) has defended its position for not renewing contracts of academic and non-academic staff, saying they were part of the problem previous SINU Management could not shake it off.

An estimated 281 staff, including security and cleaners have been left in the dark about their future and are seeking legal redress

SINU has also denied reports that the nation’s first tertiary institution could collapse due to lack of student enrolments.


It claimed academic and non-academic staffs whose contracts are not being renewed are spreading misinformation about the status of the institution, an insider told Solomon Star last night.

“Some of the things they said in the media are not true,” the insider said.

“The academic and non-academic staffs whose contracts have not been renewed are part of the problem and challenges that SINU has faced from the beginning.

“Their contracts have not been renewed as it is part of the cleaning process the SINU Management, with support from the University Council, has deployed,” the insider said.

“There are so many dirty things that happened that the SINU Management is now addressing. And to be honest, the University has filled all the critical position,” the insider said.

SINU’s defence comes amidst reports that acting Vice Chancellor, Jack Maebuta, could soon be joining the retrenched staff. His contract is due to end next Friday 3rd September 2021.

The insider yesterday confirmed Mr. Maebuta’s position, but added the University Council is dealing with his case. It is understood the Council discussed his case last Friday. Solomon Star contacted Mr. Maebuta last week for comments but he never returned our email.

It is understood the University Council has urged the SINU Management to address issues being raised in the media.

The insider claimed this year is the first time SINU’s financial position was strong.

Asked how any university could survive on just 2, 000 students who enrolled in the second semester, he said the record had shown that SINU is strong.

This is the first time SINU’s enrolment plummeted to just 2,000 students since it was established eight years ago. An estimated 8,000 students enrolled at the beginning of this year. This has now dropped to just 2,000.

Solomon Star has obtained documented reports about at least two staff members whose behaviour and actions appeared to be glossed over by authority despite the severity of allegations against them.

The SINU Management has re-engaged both staff – one in the Vice Chancellor’s Office and the other in the Property and Management Office – since the mass termination of other academic and non-academic staff.

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