Fiji Ministry of Education Terminates 122 teachers for refusing to get the Jabs

 The Fiji Ministers of Education has terminated 122 teachers who refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the Fiji Village reports. 

The teachers that were terminated include 67 primary school teachers, 47 high school teachers and 8 early childhood education teachers.

Permanent Secretary for Education Anjeela Jokhan
Permanent Secretary for Education Anjeela Jokhan. [image: Fijian Government]

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Education Anjeela Jokhan says they had contacted these teachers who informed the Ministry that they do not wish to get vaccinated.

Jokhan says they have identified teachers from their existing pools to replace these teachers and are preparing to appoint them very soon.

She says going forward the Ministry will only employ teachers who are fully vaccinated to ensure the safety of the students.

Jokhan has also confirmed that teachers who have been let go can re-apply in the future and normal recruitment process will take place.

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