When you respect another, you attract the same respect


Alicia, 24, came from the Efate and Ambae Islands in Vanuatu. She is the oldest of four daughters.

Alicia's first memories of her childhood were life adventurous outdoors. After school, she would often help her grandpa feed his pigs inside his back yard pig fence. Alicia and her siblings spent most of their free time playing outside or helping their dad or grandpa do housework in their yard. After developing this love of nature in her childhood, Alicia has grown up to become an adventurous, adventurous young woman.

Alicia, 24, came from the Efate and Ambae Islands in Vanuatu. Photo by BY ELISA

Later, she got the opportunity to finish her high school years in New Zealand. Being away from home during her adolescence gave her the freedom she needed to discover herself, her potential, and her voice. During her studies there, she was elected international student leader and learned the value of respect, responsibility and relationships. Alicia explained why these values still hold her heart today:

"When you respect another, you attract the same respect, because it is your responsibility to build a relationship of trust with your people as a leader."

Little did she know that the decision to return home after several years of studying abroad would lead to many challenges, starting with the strong opposition between her views on gender equality and some traditional aspects of its culture of origin. Once she returned home, she was accused of wearing clothes that were "too short" or "too short," and so on. In any case, she persisted and supported that as a young woman, she had the right to wear what she loved and felt comfortable in.

She saw the discrimination and domestic violence women faced. She saw women blaming and humiliating for their choices, for what they wore, said or did. She wanted to break the cycle of blame and help create a safer environment for herself, her sisters and women of Vanuatu.

"There is no limit to how far you can travel." We should seize every opportunity to move to the next level as leaders. "She said YWLP was a unique opportunity to rediscover her power as a young female leader."

From participating in the leadership program to graduating, Alicia never stopped learning. She is clear on her purpose, “Living by faith and not by sight”, 2 Corinthians 5:7.


Captured as part of the Young Women's Leadership Program, implemented by @CAREVanuatu and @Sista with the support of the Australian Government.

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