Danny Shedrech of Solomon Islands wins Chevening Scholarship, Heads to UK to study at Bangor University

 A Solomon Islands student Danny Shadrech his heading to the United Kingdom to study at Bangor University is Wales .

The British High Commission in Solomon Islands has congratulated Mr.Shadrech for winning the Chevening Scholarship Program. 

Mr Danny Shadrech: Photo by Hellen Sikaiyo & Darwin Kilua - British High Commission Solomon Islands

Huge congratulations to Mr Danny Shadrech on being #ChosenForChevening, the British High Commission sate via social media. 

He will be undertaking studies at the Bangor University in Wales, UK, pursuing a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography.

For Mr Danny, "Once a Chevener, always a Chevener" is his slogan.


"I’m excited and proud to announce that I’ll be part of the International Chevening Community. 

"I’ll be pursuing a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography at Bangor University, Wales, in the UK, starting 14th September 2022.

"The journey is long and it needs your patience. As patience will never come easy, one has to instil and developed it as time goes. But it has paid off enormously, I’m ecstatic to finally pronounce being #ChosenForChevening.

"To be chosen from the thousands who have applied for this year’s cohort is something that does not come easy. That's what makes me super proud because getting here is not easy for me either. I have to put an extra gear to compete with the elites, and I mean the world at large. And now here I am standing tall with my “I CAN’T KEEP CALM, I’VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR CHEVENING”. 

"It’s a joyous moment that I’ll embrace and cherish for now and into the future. And for that, I would like to pass this honour to my dad and mom, for raising a child who they know will always put up a fight in education and for believing in me. 

"Second, to my late sister Jayleen, I know you're not here to celebrate this moment with me but I thank you for your encouragement and motivation while you were with us. I know sis I’ll keep igniting that flame you mentioned that I have and I’ll light up that fire to saunter forward.

"To my two brothers, thank you for being there. You’ve done great in your behalf. Thanks for the leadership and direction given. I know I’ve put that forward to get here.

"To my wife and my daughter, thank you for being there for me always. I know you both are elated and this one is for you two as well. 

"And a great one to Gladys Luahiti-Isihanua and Joseph W Haga. I’m so grateful for your support in helping me through. I’m here because of you two. Obrigado!!!!

"To my Ocean Team, this one goes to you as well. I’m glad that I’ll come back with more knowledge and skills particularly in Oceanography to help the on-going work that we are currently doing for our nation. 

"And ultimately, to the Chevening Awards (FCDO) and the UK government who sees the potential in me and offering this prestigious award to me so I can undertake my studies in the UK. I’m above the clouds when I got my Final Award Letter. And yes, I will return to serve my country in any work that relates to Oceanography and I will do just that. 

"Though our ocean is large and we have not enough technical and human capacity to fully help the work in our ocean space. 

"I see this as an opportunity to not only go there and study but to forge networks with my fellow Cheveners and my school, to tell others that we need help as well from their end as we all fight to save our Ocean. 

"And thank you so much FCDO for this opportunity. 

"Finally, to our Father above for all His blessings. As the Bible says, “For with God nothing is Impossible."

Source : British High Commission Solomon Islands 

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