60 Primary School Students in Nauru Complete Computer Course

Sixty primary school students in classes 3 to 6 from Nauru College and Kayser College  in were presented with their certificates on 16 April after completing a computer course, offered and delivered at the Nauru USP campus.

The week-long computer course focused primarily on improving participants keyboard skills in typing and teaching them how to place their fingers correctly on the keyboard to type smoothly.

They were also provided basic lesson on how to use a computer such as how to switch on and shut down the computer; how to save files; open Windows applications; access internet and using the mouse. 

The USP Campus delivered the computer course specifically to years 3 to 6 because their respective schools do not have a computer lab and the students were on their school break.

This provided a good opportunity for Nauru Campus to run this course for primary school students so that they can gain basic computer knowledge before they reach Year 9 where the use of computers becomes essential.     

The Campus plans to deliver another course soon, including Years 7 and 8 to the programme.

Source : USP 

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