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 Welcome to Study at Kokopo Business College! The Kokopo Business College is located in the tourism hub of Kokopo in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The college is a home to many students from Papua New Guinea. The college does not accept international students, however, international students living in the country and who have gone through the country's education system can apply to study at the Kokopo Business College. 

Kokopo Business College Non School leaver forms
Kokopo Business College 

History of Kokopo Business College

The Kokopo Business College history dates back to the 1960 where the college started at Tavui, where Secretarial courses were offered. Tavui Secretarial College trained Grade 8 students (Form 2 as it used to be called) for secretarial and office jobs in the colonial and pre independence period.

In 1975 the college moved from Tavui to Rabaul and was named as Rabaul Secretarial College on 19th of November 1975.

In 1984, Rabaul Secretarial College (RABSEC) was abandoned due to volcanic scare. However, it was reopened again in 1985 and was renamed to Rabaul Technical College.

In 1990, the name was again changed to the then famous Rabaul Business College. Rabaul Business College was completely destroyed by the twin volcanic eruptions in 1994.

After a period of five years of absence, a new college was established in Kokopo away from Rabaul under the Gazelle Restoration program funded by AUSAID.

The college is now named as Kokopo Business College (KBC) and was officially opened on the 28th June 2000.


KBC is a Government owned institution and comes under the auspicious of the TVET division of the Department of Education.

Courses offered at Kokopo Business College

The Kokopo Business College offers the following courses

  • Diploma in Business Computing
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Office Administration
  • Diploma In Tourism & Hospitality
  • Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

National Certificates & Flexible Open Learning

Diploma Foundation (6 months)

  • National Certificate in Office Administration Level 1, 2,3 & 4
  • National Certificate in Commercial Cookery Level 2
  • National Certificate in Hospitality Operations Level 2
  • National Certificate in Tourism Operations Level 2

GPA  and Entry Requirements of Kokopo Business College 

The GPA of Kokopo Business College is 2.5 and above. If you are applying to study at the college from Grade 12, you need to indicate first choice on your online School leaver form facilitated by the PNG Department of higher education, Research, Science and Technology . - DHERST

Entry Requirements : You must get at least 3 Cs and  2 Bs  in your Grade 12 results. 

Non School Leavers Application Forms for Kokopo Business College 

The Non School Leavers application forms for Kokopo Business College are made available to students who have left school or went through the FODE system. Those who have upgraded their grades can apply to the college as non school leaver . Again , you must meet the GPA required as stated above. 

How to get a Non School Leavers Form from Kokopo Business college -  Simply you contact the college and provide your email for them to forward you the non school leaver forms. This is because Kokopo Business College does not have website at the moment. You can also write to the college to request for Non School leaver Application form. The Contact details are provided at the end of this post. Alternatively you can download the Kokopo Business College Non School leaver form on the link below. (read our disclaimer on this form at the end of this post.) 

Note that: You need to pay a fee of K50 for the application processing . All information are indicated on the application form. Simply download the application form on the link above. 

Kokopo Business College Contact Address and phone numbers

You can contact Kokopo Business College on the following address. 

Please return application form with K50.00 application processing fee, copies of certificates and relevant documents to:

Kokopo Business College, P.O.BOX 504, Kokopo, ENB, PNG
Phone: 982 9695 | 982 8954
Email: kbcreception00@gmail.com
PNG Department of Education

Disclaimer : The Application Form provided through the link above was made available in the public domain sometime ago by the college. Thus if any  recent changes made on the form is not captured. You need to contact the  college to confirmed the form. 

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