How to be Productive when Working and Studying from Home

By University of South Pacific - Fiji 

Some of the studying habits you should consider  while working and studying from Home.

  1.  Make a Routine 

The best way to start of your day is to make a to do list. List down the things you plan to do in a day so your make the best use of your given times and increase your productivity

2. Participate in Online classes 

It is important that you take part in the classes which your schools organize for you.  Log in earlier and have a chat with your class mates before your actual class starts.

3. Watch our diet

Eat healthy food that boost your immune system. make jice from available local fruits and keep you hydrated wiht water. 

4. Exercise at Home

Sitting at your desk can get tiring and boring, so why not take out a few minutes and move your body. Take a walk around your compound or just do simple stretches and exercise to keep your body fit and healthy.

5. Revisit Some old habits

Now that you get to spend most of your time at home, why not get back inot doing something that you loved but stopped because you did not have the time. Surely, there's endless activities which can think of.

6. Stay updated

information is available everywhere. Ensure to listen to daily updates on your phone, TV and radio regarding the COVID-19 situation in your area. 

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