University of Goroka Non School Leavers Application Forms

 Study in Papua New Guinea! The University of Goroka (UOG) is one of  top universities in Papua New Guinea. 

The university has six (6) schools where both local and international students take up studies. The schools are 

  1. University of Goroka Non School Leavers Application Forms
    University of Goroka Non School Leavers Application Forms
    School of Education 
  2. School of Humanities
  3. School of Science & Technology
  4.  Institute of Technical Vocational Education Training 
  5. Institute of Postgraduate Studies
  6. Institute of Distance & Flexible Learning

The School of Education 

The School of Education is a major academic division which supports the role of the University as the premier government-owned educational institution, solely responsible for the training of secondary school teachers in the country.

It offers programs in education to students in Papua New Guinea and the South West Pacific region through both face-to-face and distance flexible modes. Its primary focus is on education and training of teachers for the secondary schools. However, the School also provides for the training of Vocational and Technical college instructors, and Nursing College lecturers by providing both theory and practical hands-on courses in the context of developing countries, such as Papua New Guinea.

Additional courses and programs have been added to our offering over the years in response to government and clientele needs. These include undergraduate programs in Early Childhood Education, Guidance and Counseling discipline, Social development and Gender Studies, and Special and Inclusive Education. The Ministry of Higher Education; Research, Science and Technology quality assurance requirements are adhered to, to ensure quality of programs and courses are maintained.

Entry Requirements :  
  • Undergraduate Bachelors : GPA of 2.5 or  above ( Cs, Bs and A grades) / Non School school leavers  with  equivalent 
  • Primary Inservice -   Diploma in Primary Teaching with three or mores years of experience
  • Honors -                   Must have first degree (bachelors
  • Masters in Education  - Must have first class honors degree
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education -  Must have undergraduate degree from other then education. 

School of Humanities 

The School comprises of 5 Academic Divisions and 2 Research Centers. The divisions are; Language & Literature, Social Sciences, Business Studies, Indigenous, Environments & Development Studies and Communication & Creative Arts.
Each Division comprises of disciplines and strands under which courses and programs are offered at diploma, degree and post-graduate levels. 
The Divisions have evolved over time and developed new, exciting and challenging courses and programs that are sure to make your choice of UOG and the School not by chance.
The Centers for Melanesian Studies and Social & Creative Media assist students in research and seminar/conference presentations.
Finally, you are privileged to be offered a place at a higher learning institution like UOG. Do not abuse it.
All first years in under-graduate programs (BA & Diploma) are required to register for 5 courses in Semester 1. 
Select 4 generic foundation courses out of 5 offered by the different Divisions.  1 compulsory university-wide course (HLIS 001: Life Skills ). Academic Writing will only be taken by In-service (Primary) but optional for other programs. 
You will register for U100: HIV & AIDS in Semester 2. 
-    In-service cohort are also required to register for the university-wide courses in the respective semesters where    they are offered. 

Entry Requirements :   GPA of 2.5 or above (C, B, and A grades)

School of Science

 Formerly known as the Faculty of Science, the School of Science & Technology provides a very dynamic environment for students pursuing a career in different areas of sciences and education, and for educators seeking to advance their qualifications. The School focuses on preparing individuals for professional practice at the school and the industries in the final year of studies with a balance of theory and practical education. 
The School has collaborations with Papua New Guinea’s best institutions through strategic alliances and affiliations with organizations like; Papua New Guinea National Sports Institute (PNGNSI),Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR), National Department of Agriculture & Livestock (NDAL), National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI), Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC), Highlands Regional College of Nursing and Ramu Agro Industries, providing students with excellent teaching and learning environments. It also shares a practice partnership with NARI, FPDA, NSI, CIC,HRCN, Health Clinics, Goroka Base Hospital, Clinton Foundation, Telikom PNG, Chemical industries, Technical Colleges and Secondary/High Schools in Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

Entry Requirements : GPA of 2.5 or above (C, B, and A grades)

Institute of Technical Vocational Education Training (ITVET)

 The University of Goroka is one of the main providers of technical vocational teachers/instructors serving in the nation’s secondary schools, technical secondary schools, and technical colleges. It will continue to train the trainers of the lower level TVET institutions while diversifying its programs to meet the market demand for skilled workforce in the formal sector as well as for self- employment. 

Institute of TVET is committed to providing pathways at various levels of the TVET programs from certificates, diplomas, degrees and the postgraduates. It places emphasis on hands-on and competency-based experiences in the laboratories/workshops, and workplace experiences in the industries and the communities. 

The institute offers undergraduate courses which are design focus that brings together the experimental nature of innovation in design while maintaining the attributes of a well-crafted product, whether it be designing and constructing a garment, cupboard, cake or bucket. As well as the planning and executing of a sporting event or a tourist tour guide. Our postgraduate diploma in Education prepares graduates for teaching while the graduate diploma programs are for graduates to upgrade their subject contents. All five divisions (Applied Science, Design and Technology, Human Movement Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Technical Vocational Education) currently make up the Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training (ITVET) were initially part of the School of Science and Technology, formally known as the Faculty of Science when the University of Goroka became a full-pledged university in 1997. Since 2007 the university began to diversify its programs from a one degree of Bachelor of Education, to other programs and at various levels to cater for not only school leavers but many non-school leavers missing out on opportunities after secondary education as well as those in the non-formal sectors.

Entry Requirements :  GPA of 2.5 or above (Cs, Bs and A grades)

Institute of Distance & Flexible Learning (IDFL)

The Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning was established by the University of Goroka in 2010 after the University sensed the need to provide an alternate pathway for the masses in PNG to access University education. The establishment of the Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning had a domino effect on its status thus becoming a Dual Mode University from its traditional Conventional University. This significant change enabled the University to strategically position itself to provide tertiary education to both campus-based face-to-face students as well as externally based distance students.

In order to bring University education closer to the people of Papua new Guinea and the Pacific, the University through the Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning have so far established three regional campuses. Two of the regional campuses are in PNG namely Highlands Regional Open Campus in Mt Hagen and Southern Regional Open Campus in NCD. The UOG through the Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning has also gone international established its third regional campus in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara in 2014. We have plans to go into Vanuatu and other Islands within the Pacific Rim in the near future.

By establishing the Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning, the University of Goroka is cognizant of its obligation as a state University to increase its participation in the Government’s Vision 2050 by developing Human Capital for the Nation. The distance program will enrol limitless number of Papua New Guineans with tertiary qualifications through its Regional Open Campuses.

The Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning initiated UOG’s first ever overseas graduation for its Solomon Islands students in Honiara in conjunction with the launching of the IDFL international campus called the Pacific Open Campus (POC) in 2014. The Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning graduated its first cohort of 39 pioneer students in 2015 at UOG.

Entry Requirements : GPA of 2.5 or above (C, B, and A grades)

Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPGS)

This school caters for the following
  • Post Graduate Diploma 
  • Masters
  • PhD
  • In-Services Training
  • Short Courses 

How to Apply to study at University of Goroka

There are two ways students can apply to study at the University of Goroka in PNG.
  1. School Leavers - In this method, only students studying in secondary schools in PNG can apply to UOG through the School leavers Forms both through manual and electronic methods. Students must complete Grade 12 with good results (required GPA) and put University of Goroka as First Choice on the school leavers forms. Selections are computer generated and eligible students are selected to study at the university of Goroka (application forms are not required). 
  2. Non School leavers - Overseas students as well as students not applying through the school leavers can apply as non school leavers. International students can fill out the non school leaver application forms provided on the links below. Non School leavers in PNG can also use the same form available here. 

Non School leavers Applications for University of  Goroka for 2024  Opening Soon!

How to get application Forms

Application forms are now available on request or you can download for the links below. This means, you will have to send an  email to request for the application forms or download on the links below. 

For application forms and further information contact:

The Director
Student Administration
University of Goroka,
P.O. Box 1078 GOROKA
441 EHP

Phone: 531 1739 / 531 1887

Check out : Official Website for details 


Applications from can be downloaded on the following links (no active at this moment) 

  • You can download the Application forms by clicking the download buttons below:

    1. Application Form - Education - 2024


    2. Application Form -Humanities- 2024


    3. Application Form School of Science and Technology - 2024


    4. Application Form ITVET-2024


    5. Application Form - School of Post Graduate Studies -2024


    6. Application Form UOG Enga Campus - 2024


    7. Application Form UOG Sepik Campus - 2024


    8. Application Form IDFL -2024


APPLICATION DUE  :  Closing Date: 31st August 2023

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