How to write a Winning Scholarship Entry Essay

 There is not just one way to write a winning scholarship entry essay. The key  to success is to ensure your essay is unique to you. It should be engaging and  compelling, while showcasing your individual personality and subject expertise,  so as to convince the judges that your entry is the best.

Obviously, winning a scholarship is a fantastic way to further your career and  demonstrate your skills and knowledge; however, the benefits of this essay  competition are not limited to the winner but extend to all entrants, who gain  valuable experience and professional development in the writing process.

How to write a Winning Scholarship Entry Essay
How to write a Winning Scholarship Entry Essay 
Previous winners agree, with one saying “the experience was uniquely  challenging, enabling me to extensively research specific areas of insurance,  and provided me with new knowledge and skills. The experience was  undoubtedly incredibly valuable and beneficial.”

Here are our top tips to give you the best chance of writing a winning scholarship

entry essay.

  1. Read and re-read the essay topic carefully. Ensure you understand exactly what the judges are looking for, and identify the key themes.
  2. Support your commentary with research and examples, ensuring that others’ ideas and words are acknowledged by using appropriate referencing.
  3. Demonstrate original thinking by building on and critiquing other researched arguments.
  4. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the topic by using keywords (or synonyms) that are used in the essay question.
  5. Use headings and graphics to structure and support your arguments.
  6. Use your own experiences and knowledge to draw conclusions and inferences—great entries have insightful observations about possible outcomes.
  7.  Close your essay with an interesting, relevant and thought-provoking conclusion.
  8.  Think about getting a colleague to read your paper and provide feedback before you submit.
  9.  Review your essay carefully before submitting for spelling and grammatical errors and to ensure that your thoughts and arguments are clear.
  10.  Make your essay a great reading experience

Good luck!


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