USAID Asset Management Online Course improves Solomon Islands Water Staff performance

 Solomon Islands Water Authority Operations Manager, Scarvin Tongi Praises Staff For Performance

Solomon Islands Water Authority Operations Manager, Scarvin Tongi,. Photo by Solomon Islands Water Authority 

Staff of the Solomon Islands Water Authority are putting learnings from a USAID Asset Management course into practice, delivered online in partnership with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia.

Crediting their participation in the course, Solomon Islands Water Authority Operations Manager, Scarvin Tongi, said that staff were performing better and delivering improved projects. "As a result of attending the course and learning the concepts, tools and skills, the local Solomon Islands staff performance has improved. The skills learnt are very valuable to [the Water Authority] and these skills would not have been easily acquired through on the job training."

USAID is strengthening climate change adaptation capacity in the Pacific and this course is one of a series of such capacity building activities. In the last 12 months, USAID trained over a 100 people in Asset Management in seven countries around the Pacific.

Source: US Aid Pacific

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