Dreams really do come true, Work hard, Have fun and Make history

By Mohammed Aruf Yasin 


To a 16 year old when he asked me, what will I do with so many qualifications.

This is my story – I was a little above average student in my academics but I had many dream. I wanted to do things that people will remember me for.  My dream was to work with those who were considered to deserving and improve their lives.

Mohammed Aruf Yasin
Mohammed Aruf Yasin

I joined nursing and spent my young adult life serving sick and elderly. Eight years ago, I joined World Health Organization, my life completely changed after that. I truly cannot express my gratitude to the organization. Because of World Health Organization, I was able to afford my studies.  

The organization is full of inspirational and learned professional who were always willing to mentor, guide and nurture juniors and new bees.

While working for the organization, I have continuously upskilled myself to deliver exceptional results in-line with the progressively advancing remits. Recently, I shared that I achieved Bachelor degree of #Law in addition to Master’s degree of International Relations and Diplomacy, #MBA and Bachelor of #Nursing.

Today I received my Professional Diploma for Legal Practice making me eligible to be admitted to the Bar in Fiji and overseas as a Solicitor and Barrister.

I finally found the recipe to become successful - A super supportive family and friends, good professional mentors and an organization that never limits you. My eight years makes me who I am today.

Dreams really do come true. Work hard. Have fun. Make history.

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