The University of Waikato Pathways Doctoral Scholarship in New Zealand

 Study in New Zealand at the University of Waikato. The University of Waikato Pathways Doctoral Scholarship is now open. Students can now apply for this scholarship. 

The University of Waikato Pathways Doctoral Scholarship in New Zealand
The University of Waikato Pathways Doctoral Scholarship in New Zealand 

The University of Waikato Academic Pathway Doctoral Scholarship (hereafter Scholarship) was

developed to:

  • Address the imbalance: Increase the number of academics of Māori and Pacific descent across all disciplines at the University of Waikato.
  •  Bridge the gap: Provide a clear pathway from doctoral research to a continuing role in  academia while ensuring that recipients are well supported and can, in turn, support their community’s interests and capacity-building within a wide range of disciplines. Many people from underrepresented areas drop out of academia at early career stages due to lack of available opportunities.
  •  Strengthen international connections: Provide a platform for excellent Māori and Pacific doctoral candidates to grow international connections and a global community that will provide them with a strong basis for future research collaborations while a member of academic staff  at the University of Waikato. The ability to succeed in academia depends on being able to  generate fresh and unique ideas for research outputs and funding applications. Many of the highest level opportunities require interacting in international teams, and being internationally recognised. Such networks often start during doctoral studies, and build into lifetime  collaborations and mentorships, provide places for future study leave visits, and similar opportunities
  •  Increase diversity of research groups: Capture the diversity of academic thought from other high-quality Universities globally that can be brought back to University of Waikato to  contribute to the vibrancy of our community. Highly functioning academic institutions involve diverse thinkers brought together by a common purpose.
  •  Grow cultural resilience: To grow confidence and resilience to provide cultural leadership by ensuring candidates experience how their breadth of knowledge is enhanced by spending  time at different Universities and within different cultures. To bring this new perspective and  resilience back to the University of Waikato to share with our community
Application Requirements

  • Choose their topic, discipline and host university to provide the background needed to best  “fill gaps” by bringing complementary strengths to a future academic role. Learn about  academic staff, teaching and research strengths of the Faculty/Division/School at University of Waikato in which they would like to be a future member of academic staff. Show how the applicant will not duplicate what is already present, but will instead provide strong collaborations and new perspective and thought in both teaching and research. We encourage applicants to reach out to the Deans/Head of School and academic staff to discuss fit and opportunities.
  •  Have strong current cultural knowledge that will be enhanced and built upon either through the research project, or exposure to different cultures. We hope that the candidate would gain leadership skills to be able to champion diversity and equity within their academic workplace, through observing their own culture in the context of international issues.
  •  Develop a strong, well-planned research proposal in collaboration with their proposed doctoral supervisor(s).
  •  Choose to spend their time at another University that: 1) is also of high academic standing, and 2) will provide a multitude of opportunities for research and future collaborations.  Associate Deans Research and/or Associate Deans Postgraduate can provide advice about which universities might be a suitable target. University rankings are a common tool for assessing excellence.
  •  Work with an academic from University of Waikato (or another NZ University) who has strong collaborations with an International University, and/or speak with the University of Waikato International Office to learn more about the strengths of our existing partners.
Value: NZ$35,000 pa + domestic tuition fees and other fees

Study Level: Postgraduate (Research)

Subject Area: Any

Closing Date: 31 Jan 2023

For candidates of Māori and/or Pacific descent who are NZ Citizens or permanent residents and will be enrolling full-time in a doctoral qualification. Candidates must be planning to undertake their doctoral qualification either at the University of Waikato but with a viable plan to spend at least one year of study at another University or at a University other than the University of Waikato.

How to Apply
If you are new to the University of Waikato you will need to:

Complete an Application to Enrol BEFORE you can have access to apply for Scholarships and Awards (This application is not a commitment to study here at the University of Waikato and can be withdrawn or updated at any time).
If you are a current student or already have a Waikato account you will be redirected to the MyWaikato screen:

  • Create an account and Log in to MyWaikato
  • Click on the ‘Scholarships’ tab and select the scholarship you wish to apply for from the list of scholarships at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you are ready, click on the 'Apply Now' button below and continue with your application/s.

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