Masters Scholarship in Law at University of South Pacific USP

 Applications are now open for  four (4) scholarships to conduct  a Master’s by Thesis in History at

the School of Law and Social  Sciences (SoLaSS). This  scholarship will cover tuition fees  for either full-time or part-time  studies at the USP, starting  Semester 2, 2023.

  • Must be a citizen of one of the  member countries of USP 
  • Must satisfy the admission  requirements specified by the  USP Handbook and Calendar
  • Must not have received a  scholarship for Master’s study  before
  • Must not have completed
  • Master’s studies before (currently enrolled Master’s students are eligible to apply)

Applications are now open for four scholarships for  Master’s by Thesis in History in the School of Law and  Social Sciences (SoLaSS), The University of the South  Pacific (USP). Funding for these scholarships is being  provided by the Department of Pacific Affairs (DPA)  at The Australian National University.

Through this scholarship opportunity, DPA will fund the tuition fees for up to four  Master’s students at the USP to undertake either full-time or part-time studies  under SoLaSS. Applicants proposing a Master’s thesis in History are preferred,  although we welcome applicants from Diplomacy & International Affairs,  Development Studies or Governance. The students will be expected to apply for
admission into a new programme through the normal USP processes, and are  advised to contact a potential supervisor before applying for the scholarship.
Additional supervisory support may be available from DPA on a case-by-case  basis, although the principal supervisor must be a member of USP staff.


must be a citizen of one of the member countries of USP (i.e. no international students)
must satisfy the admission requirements specified by the USP Handbook and  Calendar (H&C)
must not have received a scholarship for Master’s study before  must not have completed Master’s studies before (currently enrolled Master’s  students are eligible to apply)
The following conditions apply to applicants:

According to USP’s 2023 H&C, completion of a Master’s by Thesis degree normally  takes 2 years full-time and 4 years part-time. If students exceed this time period,  they will be expected to pay their own tuition fees for the remainder of their  programme. Furthermore, funding is only available until 30 June 2026, and so any  students still completing their programme past this deadline will be required to
self-fund the completion of their programme.


Recipients of the scholarship will be expected to follow the usual USP  postgraduate research policies and guidelines.
SoLaSS students are required to give a presentation outlining their research   proposal to the School Research Committee (SRC) within the first six months (full- time) or twelve months (part-time). Failure to do so may result in their programme   and scholarship being terminated.
SoLaSS students are required to submit progress reports to the SRC at the end of  every semester. If their progress is deemed unsatisfactory by their supervisory  panel, the scholarship may be terminated.


Please email a CV and a Statement of Intent to the Chair of the Scholarship
Selection Committee ( by 5 June 2023. (Ph: +679 3232629)
For more information about the Statement of Intent Postgraduate Application Form.
For more information about potential SoLaSS supervisors, click here.
If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be notified before the deadline for
applications for new admissions to USP on 7 July 2023. Successful applicants are  encouraged to begin studies in Semester 2 (10 July 2023).

Due date : 5 June 2023

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