Delilah Dengu Officer of Watch Deck -Australian Awards Maritime Scholar

 Delilah Dengu Officer of Watch Deck -Australian Awards Maritime Scholar  from Papua New Guinea (PNG) is studying at Maritime College in Madang. 

“Since I was a child, I always wanted to work in a male-dominated field.” While maritime  wasn’t her first choice, Delailah says “I still got into my dream job. I applied for  the scholarship because I know that the seafaring woman is in a male-dominated  field.”

“I look up to outstanding women in technological fields. When I see them in boots  and yakas, standing among men and doing jobs that in the past only men did, they  motivate me that I can do this, nothing is impossible. If I am determined, if I have the  courage, I can be like them.”

Delailah hopes to be successful like past Australia Awards cadets and is doing her  best to score good grades. “When I go out for sea time, I’m looking forward to building  a good reputation for PNG women and becoming a recognised seafaring woman in the company.”

From Kumbukari, Usino Bundi in Madang Province, Delilah expects completing her  cadetship to be difficult, but she is ready for the challenge. She also believes that the  physical work such as lifting heavy weights and pulling ropes will be hard but has a  positive outlook. “I know that as time goes by and I acquire the skills, then I will be  good at it.”

The Australia Awards PNG scholarship is important to Delailah, and she believes that  if women have the knowledge, ability and resources then they can achieve their  dreams. She says that the scholarships have helped a lot of women to succeed, and  hopes that through her cadetship, she will realise her new dream to work on big  vessels in international waters.

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Source : Article and Photo by Australian Awards PNG 

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