Toroa International Postgraduate Fee Scholarships at Massey University, New Zealand


Study in New Zealand and win this scholarship. Embarking on a journey to study abroad, particularly at Massey University in New Zealand, is akin to the remarkable oceanic voyage of the Toroa bird. They are representations of diving into the unfamiliar, laden with challenges, and a pursuit of knowledge and personal development. Just as the Toroa bird embodies resilience, strength, and the audacity to explore the unknown, so do students as they embark on their educational odyssey in a foreign land. They are encouraged to seize the opportunity and spread their wings.

Who They Seek:

They are in search of international students enrolling in postgraduate studies at Massey University for the first time in Semester 2. It should be noted that graduate diploma or doctoral students are not eligible for this award. Selection criteria are primarily based on academic excellence.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered, they must:

  • Be an international student.
  • Be a newcomer to Massey, planning to enroll full-time on-campus in New Zealand, commencing their first 120 credits of a postgraduate qualification in Semester 2.
  • Have attained the equivalent of a New Zealand B grade or higher in their preceding qualification.
  • Fulfill tuition fee payment obligations as stipulated on their Offer of Place by no later than 20 May, for a Semester 2 start.

Selection Process:

They will automatically enter consideration upon receiving an Admission Offer of Place into a postgraduate degree for Semester 2.

For More Information:

They can contact the university via email at

Existing applicants will be directly contacted regarding the scholarship opportunity!

Key Details:

  • Value: NZ$5,000 towards tuition fees
  • Duration: One year
  • Number of Awards: Up to 20 available
  • Study Type: Full-time, Postgraduate, Masters
  • Special Note: Tuition fee scholarship
  • Application Timeline:

  • Applications Open: 11 March
  • Closing Date: 20 May


Eligibility Restrictions: International Students. New to Massey. Full-time study. Onshore study.

How to apply

Apply on the official website on the link below

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