Every successful moment has their own story to tell and here is a story of Joanne Waka of PNG

 By Joanne Waka 

The journey of this great achievement started when my dad told me to apply as a non school leaver to Divine Word University (DWU), a Catholics mission run university in Papua New Guinea's north. When applied I was selected but I didn't want to go because I had zero relatives and it will also be my first time to leave home. But my dad didn't want me to stay another year at home so he told me to go. First year was a challenging one for me, no friends from the same school, no relatives, the learning environment was new and also challenging because of paperless policy.

Joanne Waka . Photo courtesy of Joanned Waka/linkedin 

I can still remember the first weeks of adaptation, most nights I cried myself to sleep because I was missing home, my dad, mum and siblings. I was also struggling to teach my self how to learn with the learning resources and few times I failed but I never gave up.

My dad never misses a day in every week to call and checkup on me and that always made me feel at loved and wanted. But towards the end of my 1st year, during the examination week on a Thursday 25th October 2018 at 9:30 am my dad passed on and my 1st exam was at 10:30. Without any knowledge of him passing away, I did my exam and the other one on Friday. On that same day I got a call from home saying that my dad is sick and everyone is in at home so I had to leave behind my other two exams and go home, so I did as told only to go home and found out that he passed away without a goodbye. I was shocked and thought that my life ended on that day, I lose my faith in God but he never left my side. He knew what will happen before and after so he strengthen me and I went back and complete my two exams. Thought I failed because I was affected emotionally as I sitted for the remaining exams but to my surprise, my name was on the continuing list and was also on Hecas. I thanked God and I continued to strive harder and fulfill what dreams I had for myself so as my dad's. I never gave up, I maintained it till the fourth year and by the grace of God I was successful in the KPMG Graduate Development Program 2022.

I graduated with a Degree in Business Accountancy at Divine Word University on the 11th of March 2022 and the degree was dedicated to my angel in heaven, my mum, big sisters & brothers who were/are my support system and the JW clan.

PS. Just have faith, be patient and trust the process, whatever plans that God have for you will always be fulfilled according to his own timing.

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